...after 16 years of school you can finally get out into the world & leave your imprint

Tip #1 to get the best out of your Grad Session is to

Communicate with your photographer on the locations you would like your photos captured, the props you'll be bringing & inspo shots you have in mind - your photographer will then be able to plan out/route the session and suggest the best time for a dress change, plus bring extra items for your session. The more we know what you want, the better prepared we can be to delivery that and guide you.

Tip #2

Iron your Cap/Gown/Stoles...

Want a crinkly looking gown that looks like you pulled it straight out of the bag? I think not. Don't forget to iron or steam your attire so that you look sharp and wrinkle free!

(p.s. I heard from previous grads that steaming works better)

Tip #3

Wear appropriate shoes & if you're a female that plans to wear heels, please bring an extra pair of sandals for walking in between locations.

Guys- As comfy as sneakers are, they just don't look as professional but hey if you do plan to wear tennis shoes try stick to something all black.

Ladies - I like to make the MOST of our TIME during our session & sometimes heels can slow us down when walking large distances across campus. If you are a pro at heels then hey knock yourself out! but time is a factor, it's part of what you are paying for... and I want to make sure we spend most of our time getting ALL of your shots so the more time we have shooting and the less we spend on slowly walking the better for YOU!

Tip #4

Relax, Smile, Be Yourself!

This may be the first time you've ever taken photos and you may be a little nervous but don't worry I will guide you through various poses that compliment your clothing, features, gown and I'd also like to capture some of your personality so the more you can relax, the more natural you will appear in your images :) I want to see your giggle, your smile & I want to see your confidence! #werkit

PSA: Something you should know about me.... I have a thing about Glitter...... I don't like it. If you MUST have one of those Glitter shots please bring BIODEGRADABLE GLITTER. Paper is okay but not the plastic kind please. Reason #1: It's tough to pick up. I've seen so many people leave behind trash after their shoots or plastic sparkles which is pretty bad for animals when ingested. Reason #2: My gear is pretty sensitive and blowing glitter into the camera/ lenses can cause issues when they gets into the crevices. I'd much rather we incorporate a champagne bottle shot if you'd like to add something to our session - helps you stay hydrated also ;P

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