Here's what I bring to sessions...

*upon request*

Hello hello! Whether you're a friendly photog just scouting along for information or a client wondering what I bring to my sessions... Here is some info & images along with links!

If you are interested in purchasing any of these items please do so using my affiliate link as it does help me earn a small commission on qualifying purchases.

Thank you so much for your support!

Portable Changing Tent

This is a must have for dress changes as it allows clients to save time during their sessions by not having to walk over & find a random restroom to change in or being forced to changed in a tight, compact car.

I am sure to spray & disinfect the inside of the changing tent with disinfectant spray & I wipe it down at home with alcohol as well after each use.

CLIENTS: If you will be doing a dress change please request this.

PHOTOGS: Please consider purchasing this high quality portable tent as it adds extra comfort and ease for your clients.

*link down below*

Bluetooth Speaker

I don't know a single soul who won't get down & start singing along to "My Boo" by Usher as soon as it starts playing...

Not only can music being played during a session help your clients relax for their photos but it will also add to their experience.

Just please be mindful of others in the area if shooting in a crowded place.

CLIENTS: You may request this & we can use bluetooth to connect your playlist or we can use mine:)

PHOTOGS: This one is great because of the clip, sturdiness & the fact that it is waterproof.

*link down below*

Anti-Spill Water Bottle

You need to take care of yourself as a photographer who is constantly on the go.... talking/ yelling most of the day during back to back sessions/events, client phone calls, traveling & being in the sun for so long. It sucks everything out of you. This will be the best thing to look forward to in your car if you manage to schedule in a break for yourself in between sessions.

I was notorious in college for leaving my water bottles everywhere. Trust me. I've owned over 20 different water bottles and this is the best one.

QUALITY - I've owned many "anti-spill" water bottles & have definitely been upset when I open my bag to see my phone, keys, $$ or books soaking wet. This one has never given me any of those surprises even after all the times I've dropped it. I trust this brand lingering around my expensive electronics.

PRACTICAL - The bottle is skinny enough to put onto the side of a camera bag/ back pack or you can use place a hook on the ring to attach it to a bag.

INSULATION - There is nothing better than going back to your car in between summer sessions and taking a sip of some ICE COLD WATER, yum - so satisfying. The temperature stays exact whether you put something HOT or COLD in it the morning of.

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