Behind the Scenes!

5 phone calls, 4 bee stings, 3 weeks of advertising & 2 locations that turned into ONE!

The first time I saw Almond Blossoms was in 2019. This location became a must have for me to shoot at and was in the works since last year, 2020. I remember calling 5-6 orchard owners asking for access to their fields. After not much luck, I was lucky enough to get 1 orchard owner who replied "Maybe next year"..... You bet your butt I hopped on that "maybe" as soon as February 2021 approached us. I quickly dialed his phone number and in my nicest voice possible asked for an opportunity to shoot on his fields...finally, he agreed, we negotiated a land usage rental price, went over strict ground rules and BAM we were locked in! You can say, I was happy as could BEE. Although his Lodi field didn't bloom this year, the others in Esparto, were completely healthy & offered acres & acres of Beautiful Blossoms!


We got really lucky, no rain, all sun and the blossoms bloomed in perfect timing for the scheduled Mini Session dates. I learned a ton about how to cure bee stings ( yes, I got bit 4 times) and learned how unique almond blossoms are to only certain parts of the world. I learned how much other families adore these blossoms as much as I do... even traveling as far as 2 hours to book a session with me in Esparto! I still can't get over that and the crazy fact that California produces more than 81% of the worlds Almonds supply. Yeah NUTS, just nuts.

Thank you to everyone who booked an Almond Blossom Session with me this year, cross your fingers we get permission for next year!